The consumer has the right in “ELEAZAR” to replace or return a product of the appropriate quality which does not correspond to the form, size, model, color or number.
The consumer can exercise the right of replacement or return of the product within 3 days counting from the day of picking up ie. product delivery.
The following legal conditions shall apply for the exercise of the right to substitute or return a product in accordance with these conditions:

  • the product was not used;
  • the appearance, the usage properties and the factory labels of the product are preserved;
  • When submitting a request for replacement or return of the product, all supporting documentation issued to the consumer along with the product must be enclosed.

After the expiration of 3 days from the day of pick up ie. delivery of the product, the consumer loses the right to substitute or return the product on this basis. All submitted replacement or return product requirements, counting from the 4th day after the product has been received by the consumer, will be negatively responded to.